Sunday, August 10, 2008

Beach + Photoshop = swoon-worthy eye candy

I am so swooning. Last week, Marcos and I took a little day trip with our friends Zumrad, Ubek, Kodir and Tanya (all originally from Uzbekistan) to a North Carolina beach. The closest beach to Chapel Hill is about three hours away, so although it's not just around the corner, it is great being within day-trip distance of salt water and waves!

We ate, and we swam, and we took the boogie boards out, and we acquired sunburns, and we ate more and swam more, and took a cat nap in the sand (hence the sunburns). What a purely blissful summer day.

And then magic happened. Nicole and I sat down a few nights later, and she went crazy on a few of my favorite photos from the beach adventure. What skill! What craftmanship! What works of art! I am in the process of learning the intricacies of Adobe Photoshop, but don't hold your breath, folks, it may be a few decades before I can turn out such coolness as Nicole has created.

Marcos, Ubek, and Zumrad. The "okay on the count of three, jump!" idea didn't work quite as well as Marcos hoped, but I still love the picture, and the climbing bodies effect...

Zumrad is pregnant, and Ubek is a happy daddy-to-be. My favorite part of the photo? The "b" around Zumrad's piko...

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Marie said...

Metta, those pictures are so cool. I was swooning too. They look awesome, and I am very impressed at Marcos' jump. He looks like a pro.