Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Brazil #4: VÍDEOS (videos)

I have been wanting to post some of the short videos we took in Brazil. This video is of Thatiane at her 15th Birthday party, dancing with her father! In Latin America, the 15-year birthday for girls is exceedingly lavish, and this was no exception! Prior to this dance with her father, there had been a procession with candles, she received a ring from her father, and cut the cake! Dinner was served at 1am, and we got home from dancing and the festivities at about 4 in the morning.... Whew!

Thatiane blows out the candles!

This video makes me laugh every time. I thought Marcos was taking a picture, not a video, so just us all bobbing, waiting for the flash cracks me up...

This is Danny and Grandma dancing to the "YMCA" song at Sammy and Mariana's wedding. The quality of the video took a hit because blogger automatically reduces the size of the video while it's loading so that it's not too heavy, but you can still get the drift...

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