Sunday, August 23, 2015

Quotable Mr. Orion

There is a lot I don't do.  One of my favorite things that I DO do is keep a word for word account of the really memorable things my kids say.  Especially when they are young.  This is a collection of recent quotes from 2-year old Orion, which I quickly scribble onto notepads I have hanging in the kitchen for this very purpose.


Metta: Come here, Bubbuh.
Orion: I'm not a bubbuh anymore.  I'm a big boy.


Marcos teaching our kids about promises...

Marcos: ...For example, kids, when I married your mom I promised that she would be the one I love and a very special wife.
Orion: I have a wife.
Marcos: You do?
Orion: Yeah, she lives in California.
Marcos: What's her name?
Orion: Josh.  She lives in California.


Gigi comes in the house crying...

Gigi: Orion pushed me into a bush and said that I could never, ever, go to California!

(Yes, Orion is a little obsessed with California.  When Gigi was little and we saw an airplane and I asked her where she thought the airplane was going, she always said Africa.  Orion always says California).


Orion stomps his foot dramatically...

Orion: I'm getting upset at you because you said my blankie is a TOWEL!


Orion: Gigi can't take her gnome into the bathroom.  That's out-appropriate.
Metta: Do you mean inappropriate?
Orion: No, OUT-appropriate!

In Utah this summer, very offended that after he splashed someone, they had the nerve to splash him back.  Did I mention that he is 2 years old?  Love, love, love this boy...

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Dilip said...

Those are all so cute!!! Thanks for capturing and sharing. Love to the kiddos!