Tuesday, July 24, 2012


We have a few favorite local digs, and Maple View Farms for ice cream in the evening is one of them.  Last week we met up with friends for Family Night at the Farm, and I asked Marcos if he would snap a few photos so that I could record the fact that I am indeed having another baby.  If my frequency of taking photos this pregnancy compared to last is any indication of what it will be like taking photos of this new little guy compared to Gigi, he's doomed.  Last time I was fascinated by my growing body and took photos every step of the way, and this time I think I have had two taken of me.  The two featured here.  I'm banking on this baby being a lot cuter than me though, so I think we might be safe.

As you might have noticed, I'm fairly gigantic.  I see a look of worry in people's eyes when I say I still have three months until due date, but for some reason I love it.  For me, my main enjoyment is being past that "I ate too many cookies" in-between stage, when your body looks severely torn about committing to being pregnant.  I'm very committed. 

In the photo above, the girls were trying to see if they could reach their arms all the way around my middle.  Awesome.

We're still working on a name for this little one.  Unlike Giovanna, who was named three years before she was born, we have had a hard time finding a boy name we both love.  We finally came to some top contenders the other day, and we're thinking about bringing our names with us to the hospital this time to see which one fits.  We have a few elements that we're set on, and a few that we will wiggle with, and we're not even that keen on sharing yet.  What a difference from last time, when Gigi became Gigi the day we had our ultrasound, and we had even picked out her personality...

All in all, this has been a great pregnancy.  I've been a little more achy this time, but the first trimester was calm and now I get to feel him moving all the time.  Like the first time around, I have very vivid and crazy dreams though, which make me so grateful for my life.  I wake up, and suddenly I am back to sleeping with my love, my sweet little one is in her room singing to herself, and I have a normal job and good people in my life.  Vivid dreams have made me more grateful for my reality.


Miyuki said...

wow! your belly is really showing that you are prego! suteki dane!! tanoshimi ;) p.s. for some reason, Gigi reminds me of Thornock shimai. haha

amanda said...

thanks for sharing your cute belly, Gigi is sure getting big. How is that potty training going?