Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Be Happy

Be happy, elated, thrilled that Marcos is at Scout camp in Virginia for the week, and took along our camera.  Because if he hadn't, I might, just very well might, have taken a photo of the beautiful poo poo Gigi made in her new child's potty tonight.  I would have probably even shared the photo with you, it was that awesome.

WHAT?  I know, didn't I just get done begging you to tell me that my child is going to change and not be a challenge my entire life?  Well, today we are looking up.  After I spent a lot of time last night looking up "potty training readiness" websites and reading all the advice, I took the comment "do not try potty training if your child is in a generally oppositional stage" to heart, and decided to wait another few months to really give it a go.  And then, miraculously, I caught her in fluffing mode tonight, asked if she wanted to try to go poo poo on the potty, she responded "Not Papai's potty, my potty", we went downstairs, and after a few minutes of patient fluffing on her little potty, there it was.  Just like that.  I scrambled for the button on her throne potty that plays the trumpet song and shouts, "Yay!", she danced to the music, and then we had three chocolate chips and lots of hugs and kisses.  It was amazing.

I am still not going to actively try to potty train her just quite yet, but if it happens all smooth and natural on the side, I could definitely be on board.


Jamie said...

hahaha!~ Congrats! For my oppositional son, it took me backing off for him to finally learn how to do it. He likes to do it himself and doesn't want me to ask or force him to do it at certain times. Since he decided to be potty trained he has had no accidents . . . there are pluses to having stubborn kids :) But I definitely understand the fights and drama are very stressful and difficult to deal with . . . it does get better in ways though. Keep it up! You are an awesome mama!

melandpeter said...

I hope the times ahead with potty training aren't too rough! I'm waiting til the weather warms up here and will take the potty plunge with Will then. xx