Friday, May 25, 2012

Moving... Again.

I'm sitting here enjoying milk and Joe-Joe's (which is Trader Joe's speak for "way better than an Oreo") and loving the quiet of a fairly organized downstairs.  Simple, barely decorated, with the furniture placed but not too much wall action yet.  We have been moving in this past week and a bit, which is why I've been absent from this blog.  Again.

We're now in our fourth rental place since we've moved to Chapel Hill.  Each time is a progressive step up in the world, so I feel like we're moving in the right direction, but heavens, please say that we're done with moving for a while!  The whole being pregnant thing and still having some effects from my organ removal has added a level of complication, but last time I was this pregnant I was climbing sky-high cathedrals in France so I've learned to bite the bullet, I guess you could say.  And even if I were more out of commission, anything is possible with a ton of help from Marcos and the endless hours of packing and cleaning that my mom has put into this project.

Gigi has been having fun, for the most part.  She has completely neglected her toys since the boxes of cleaning supplies and sharp tools have been available at her level.  Just kidding, but she is really enjoying the chaos, and all of her access to things that are usually kept in a certain place.  Now nothing has a certain place, so it's free game.

* Pretend there is a cute photo of Gigi here.  
(Oh heck, since we're pretending, pretend it's a cute photo of me.
That's much less likely to happen in real life). *

One thing that is somewhere in a box is our SD reader that sucks the photos out of my camera cards so that I can post them on the blog.  I know we have some cuties of Gigi participating in the "packing" process, but you'll have to take a rain check on that one.  For the most part she has been really good during this whole transition, but there was one day that she watched too much TV, and a few days when we sent her to our neighbor's house for a playdate to get her out from underfoot.  It's just hard to get a box packed when the two-year old unpacks it behind you.

And that's our weekly update.  More excitement and a surprise visit to come!


Kim said...

I've been wondering how your move was going! Ugh, I remember moving while pregnant. NOT FUN. Oh, and Kinsey doesn't even know the word Oreo. She refers to all chocolate sandwich cookies as Jo-Jo's. Let's play soon when both our lives are a little more organized!

Lauren said...

I'm moving too. IT STINKS! But you're way more organized than me so I'm sure it is not a "call to repentance" like I'm experiencing now. How did we end up with so much stuff! I'm sad I never saw your old place but hopefully I'll get to see the new one sometime!