Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Gigi is such a Jabberwocky. Someday perhaps she will say very hilarious or profound things, but now I'm just happy that she says anything at all. I've been wanting to publish some of the things she says because my memory is such a steel sieve.

Here are a few gems over the past few months, ages 20 months or so through now (23 months).
  • When Gigi woke up one morning she saw a song book I had left on her bedroom floor, and she told Marcos, "Oh no! Mamãe forgot the book!".
  • A few months ago Gigi told us, "I eat- I ate gapes (grapes)". It was a little scary to hear her catch her mistake and fix her own grammar.
  • At dinner one night Gigi said, "Vovó's having broccoli and corn".
  • And after overhearing a conversation about ice-cream she added in, "Oooooh! Ice-cream! I love it!"
  • Last week when I offered her some of my orange juice she said, "No, I don't want it. That's Mamãe's".
  • Gigi also said her first independent prayer a month or two ago. It went like this: "Pai Celestial, Obrigada pela comida. Obrigada pela comida. Obrigada pela comida. Em nome de Jesus Cristo, Amen". ("Heavenly Father, Thank you for the food. Thank you for the food. Thank you for the food. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen").
  • Recently she has started saying "shall", which sounds funny from a mini-person. "Shall we read a book?", "Shall we cook?", "Shall we play a game?" and when we get into the car, "Shall we listen to music?".
  • Last Sunday when I picked Gigi up from the nursery after church, my friend Margaret reported that Gigi had told her that Boston (her little friend) needed his nappie changed. So they sniffed out the stinker in the room, and it wasn't Boston, so they went through all of the other kids until they came back to Gigi and it was her all along!
  • And then of course as she nears two years old, she has developed a few of her very favorite sentences: "THIS is MINE!", "Gigi do it!" and my favorite when she wants to cuddle with me, "Mamãe hold you?".


Unknown said...

That is so cute. I love talking my almost two year old, too. It's really amazing how much they understand and express. Gigi is such a cutie!

Lindsay said...

So sweet, I love the "shall we..." comments. Malia corrects herself and her brothers (especially Noa) all the time! It's so strange to hear my four-year-old do that to her older brothers! Soon, Miss Gigi will be correcting you! :)