Sunday, January 29, 2012

One sentence updates

Marcos applied to 15 jobs the other day, and we're hoping for a good catch soon so that we can save up for school in the fall.

I haven't picked up the camera since we came home from Hawaii with 750+ photos because my fingers are tired of pushing the shutter release and I'm sick of looking at the world from behind a lens.

But Gigi has been cute, as always and forever.

I just finished a good read by a local author called "Charms for An Easy Life" and Marcos is snuggling up with the Steve Jobs biography (too heavy to take on vacation).

The other day Gigi told me, "Papai's sleeping over there. Quiet over here. Shhhhhhhh", and when she was out with Marcos she saw a man and said, "Hi man! Nice to meet you, man!".

Marcos taught Gigi to say "Sir", which I have never called anyone in my entire life.

One day Gigi was mad at me because I wouldn't give her a treat, and she grabbed a dark purple colored pencil and scribbled with reckless abandon on our wall. That's my girl!

Christmas finally came down, and we have some spring decor around the house which matches the wacky 60-degrees in January weather, and the equally confused tulips which are already starting to sprout outside our door.

Marcos' mom is coming in early February to visit for six weeks, hooray! I feel like we robbed a bank to have two grandmas here with us...

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Headle said...

Metta, can I just tell you that you should blog everyday? I could use a little daily Metta to cheer me up and get me thinking :)

Its sooo fun that Gigi said, "Nice to meet you, man!" Ha ha!! That is the BEST!

Its soo nice that you may have another Grandma coming to town. Grandmas are the BEST!

PS I want to thank you for all of the sweet comments you leave on our blog. It may seem like a small thing to you, but you always help me feel so happy :)