Monday, June 30, 2008

Last American Moments

So, we went to the Bramwell's tonight for Sunday night family dinner. The Bramwells lived in Kailua for my last years of high school and beyond, and then moved to North Carolina about two years ago! When we came out to UNC, they were one of the two families we knew who lived in the entire state of North Carolina. The close love relationship started back up with their family when we inherited Nick Bramwell's kitchen table and chairs when he moved from his "guy pad" back in with his family (which was a vast improvement from us eating off of a cardboard box in our empty apartment), and has blossomed into us feeling like members of their clan. We always drive away so happy after we visit them.

David Bramwell (dad) has two pet parrots

Today was a special occasion, because Nick Bramwell has been called on a mission to Sao Paulo North Mission, and today was his last Sunday in America for two years. He leaves for Brazil on Wednesday, and we leave on Thursday, which is amazing. He will actually be serving his mission exactly in the area Marcos' family lives, of all places on earth. We're hoping to coordinate our Temple schedules when we're down there, so that we can see him in Brazil. We've seen him every Sunday night for a month, and have had a chance to study from the missionary manual, the scriptures, and of course, some Portuguese.

Uncle Gavin had a Birthday, and the family has a great tradition. They throw a (sterilized?) penny into the batter, so that whoever ends up with the penny in their cupcake or cake has good luck all day! Marcos got the penny! I really like this tradition... so it may be a keeper. It may even take the drudgery out of baking for me.

Marcos shared some scriptures with Nick that helped him in Japan, and we all gathered around to listen and add to the conversation. Marcos has a real knack for teaching spiritual things.

Part of the reason I'm so ready to post entries is because of this new camera. Check out this shot. It combines two of my favorite things: Marcos and dessert. Don't read into the fact that the dessert is in focus, and my boyfriend is fuzzy in the background. Marcos is still the most beloved.

The Bramwell's family card game is "May I?". It's a good addition to our library of Gin Rummy (Pratt family game) or Canasta (Prieto family game).

Next picture he'll be "Elder Bramwell" with a suit and tag. How exciting!


Andrew and Lauren said...

Welcome to blogging. I always had a suspicion that you were closet bloggers. It's okay if you don't update often. I'm a once or twice a month-er. Looks like you're having a fun summer!

Marie said...


Love the blog!! And your pictures are awesome. Even before I got to that part of you telling us about your new camera, I was thinking to myself, "Wow, those are really nice pictures." Thanks for keeping us all posted on your beautiful trip to Hawaii.